Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the Evolution of Management

In this discussion forum you will discuss the topic "The impact of Industrial revolution on evolution of management thought". During the discussion you are expected to touch on areas such as
  1. What was the industrial revolution
  2. The causes of the industrial revolution
  3. The management thoughts which existed at that time
  4. How are these management thoughts different to the onces we observe now
  5. How did they evolve and for what reasons.

Facilitator expectation

You are expected to actively contribute to the forum by posting at least 5 original thoughts and 3 idea synthesis posts.

TIme line and Outcome

The forum will be active for 3 weeks during which you will have to spend about 0.5 hours discussing the merits and demerits of the topic. At the end of three weeks you will be asked to submit a summary of not more than 200 words to the forum to obtain the grade.


The grading policy and the deadlines will be made known to you before the forum start date.

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